Using Zoom

For Virtual Worship with Rev. Sandy

Zoom Meeting – Participant Guide

Zoom will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download at

To participate in a Zoom meeting you will need:

  • Microphone/Audio pc or phone
  • Optional: Camera built-in pc or phone

*TIP: If you use a headset or earbuds with a mic, be sure to plug those in to your computer before joining the Zoom meeting.

Join the Zoom Meeting
Click on the Zoom Meeting link to open the meeting.

Audio and Video Setup
After launching the Zoom meeting from the link, you will be prompted to join the room’s audio. Click “join audio by computer.” Zoom allows audio participation through your computer’s internal speakers, a headset, or a phone line.

Mute Yourself/Stop Webcam
To mute, click the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner. To unmute, click the microphone icon again. (For worship meetings, all participants will be muted.) Follow the same process to turn the webcam on and off. (Please keep video on so participants can see each other.)