Meet The Rev. Ray Andersen

The Rev. Ray Andersen is a cradle-to not-yet-grave Episcopalian, definitely an endangered species. I was born and raised in the Bronx; educated in Yankee Stadium, did my continuing ed. on the city’s streets and got my higher education on various NYC golf courses. My less important, although more formal education, occurred on Manhattan’s upper west side at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s School and then nearby Columbia University.

I managed to get through Philadelphia Divinity School without becoming pious and was ordained in 1970. I trained for ministry with deaf people in NYC and then became Missioner with the Deaf here in Connecticut for 35 years. My work in the deaf ministry is legendary: they still talk about me now that I’m gone (sometimes fondly).

I worked in deaf ministry at a time when deafness, as well as other disabilities, were coming out of the closet.  Raising awareness, getting the government to provide interpreting, mental health, and legal services for deaf people were landmark advances.  It was an exciting time and current progress in digital communication have carried these programs even further.  In many unique ways the deaf ministry taught the Christian faith to those who had never before experienced it.

Karla and I have five, thankfully grown and independent children, three of whom are deaf. Our clan also includes four grandchildren and over the years twenty dogs. The current pack includes two velcro English Springer Spaniels (Burner & Mulligan) and a bossy Australian Shepherd (Tess).

I started FORE ST. PETE’S SAKE, the annual fundraising golf tournament which enjoys strong parish and community support.  I’ve had to give up coordinating that, but will continue to help out as this event continues to grow.  For a number of years I’ve written a blog on this website “Over the Hill, But Picking Up Speed” which people admit is mildly amusing and occasionally worth reading.

My sermons have piqued some mild interest and my “style” comes from years of preaching to deaf people where abstract theological ideas must be explained in concrete, down to earth ways.  I still proudly hold the land speed record for St. Peter’s Shortest Sermon.

I love being part of St. Peter’s. The parish is an active volcano or more like a boiling stew, with people actively stirring the pot.  When I retired I was looking for a sense of belonging and found it in the St. Peter’s community. The waters are warm and welcoming. It’s a fertile place to keep your faith evergreen.



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St. Peter's during COVID-19

In response to an increase in COVID infections in Cheshire, St. Peter’s will hold in-person worship services outside, following all State of CT guidelines. We continue to offer worship via Zoom.

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