Path to Membership

Becoming a member of St. Peter’s Church will mean different things to different people depending on your past experience.  No matter where you have come from you are welcome to join us as we worship and pray together, and work to spread Christ’s love to all.

Baptism is the beginning or initiation of a desire to become a person whose life is centered on Christ and Christ’s teachings.  In the Episcopal church, we practice infant baptism but persons are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Baptism at any age.  When you are baptized in an Episcopal Church you become a member of that congregation until death or until you transfer your records to another congregation.  Please call our office and ask to speak with Kim Clarke, our Senior Warden, to arrange for baptismal preparation.

Confirmation is a rite of affirmation made when a young person reaches the age of maturity and wishes to make a mature commitment to Christ.  At St. Peter’s preparation to be confirmed takes place during youth group meetings.  Adults wishing to be confirmed should call our office and ask to speak with Kim Clarke, our Senior Warden to arrange for a separate period of preparation.

Baptized members from other traditions
If you have been baptized in another tradition and would like to become a member of the Episcopal Church we will need a letter of transfer, a baptismal certificate, or similar records from your former congregation.  If you come from the Lutheran, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox church in which you were baptized and confirmed you may also wish to be received into the Episcopal Church by the laying on of hands by the bishop.

Categories of Membership
The Episcopal Church has traditionally identified two categories of membership:

  • An active, baptized member who takes Holy Communion at least three times a year is considered a communicant of the parish.
  • A communicant in good standing is a member who is faithful in praying, working and making a yearly financial pledge to the church.  Communicants in good standing receive the privilege of voting at parish meetings, and serving on the vestry or other elected positions of leadership.

If you would like to explore further the different paths to becoming a member of St. Peter’s, please call the church office and ask to speak with Kim Clarke, our Senior Warden. Wherever you are on your faith journey you are welcome in our congregation.

Sunday Services

8:00 am Rite I Worship in the Sanctuary

10:00 am Rite II Worship in the Sanctuary


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Keeping Everyone Healthy and Safe at St. Peter's
Wearing masks during worship services is optional for all. There is a designated mask-wearing quadrant in the sanctuary for those who want to continue to wear masks.
Masks are optional in all other areas of the building and campus, except the parish office where masks are required.


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