Blessing for one who is exhausted

For One Who Is Exhausted, a Blessing John O’Donohue Published December 22, 2017 When the rhythm of the heart becomes hectic, Time takes on the strain until it breaks; Then all the unattended stress falls in On the mind like an endless, increasing weight. The light in...

Puzzling Times, by Molly Preudhomme

He takes out a puzzle from his childhood. Small, shapely, bright and dark-colored pieces scattered across the table. Start with the edge and work inward like a mosaic in a Byzantine chapel. Methodically, he deciphers an eye, a leaf, wood shutters on a closed window....

From Hymn 204

When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain, thy touch can call us back to life again, fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been: Love is come again like wheat that springeth green.

Prayer of Blessing by John Philip Newell

May the angels of light glisten for us this day May the sparks of God’s beauty dance in the eyes of those we love. May the universe be on fire with Presence for us this day. May the sun’s rising, grace us with gratitude. Let earth’s greenness shine and it’s waters...
Finding comfort in nature

Finding comfort in nature

John and I found this beautiful reminder of hope and resilience in our front yard – a couple of pansy volunteers! We’re a little worried about them, though, because they are not practicing social distancing! Nancy Staab