I Am In The Midst Of Them

I Am In The Midst Of Them


In early adulthood I traveled with a small group of musicians and artists teaching and performing liturgical folk music. Days were filled with writing music, imagining creative ways to share gospel stories through music and performance arts like puppet shows, and other dramatic presentations. We laughed a lot, were sad sometimes, and got frustrated when people didn’t seem to understand what we were hoping to do. In fact, many tears were shed in those times as we allowed ourselves to be molded and shaped by the personalities and creativity of others in the group. So, I know firsthand how difficult it can be when artists try to create and collaborate with other artists. It’s all too easy for feelings to be hurt and feathers ruffled.

Many memories of former times passed through my mind as I sat in the naive at St. Peter’s listening to members of the altar guild and an artist who creates our banners talk through new possibilities for decorating the church this Christmas.

Two groups of artists with distinct ideas of how the church can best be decorated for the Christmas holidays! Each explained their ideas passionately as others listened. “But couldn’t we just……?” Those words came up many times as the conversation continued.  Ideas bounced back and forth…and then it struck me. As passionate as each one was about the creative vision they had in mind, they were also carefully listening to what others were saying. Each person was trying to see how new ideas might work with the others’ vision. From this conversation a new idea began to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis – beautiful, tender, not yet fully formed… but ready to fly when the time was right.

“Wherever two or more are gathered in my name I am in the midst of them” said Jesus. Sitting in the pew at St. Peters, listening to these artists share their ideas, each one allowing their individual artistic creation to be molded and formed anew as they came together I experienced Christ’s love: in their conversation, in their thoughtfulness and in their care for one another and for the congregation that will gather to worship God at Christmas.


Sandy’s Blog

Sandy’s Blog

Early morning cliff walking in Cornwall


Early morning cliff walking on a wet, blustery day.  Hopping over puddles on the beach.  Miss one mound of sand and you spend the rest of the walk with a sodden left shoe.  The only things out on this wild morning are snails, slugs, a few owners dragged outside by dogs looking to enjoy a windy walk, and a poor little painted lady (butterfly) struggling to stay alive on the path while rain pours down and wind buffets its wings.  I take a picture to witness its brave little life.

The front of me is soaked from head toe.

Looking down at the roaring sea as white topped waves buffet the rocks time and time again. I watch for more than a few minutes before dragging myself away from the sight and sound of the waves. Turning around to go home I find myself soaked in the back now as well as the front. But I am happy to be out for a walk on this wild and wondrous day.  I thank God for this land I love and a day to walk over wet and windblown cliffs, and feel so fully alive.

But I have to say, I have already begun to savor my first sip of coffee after I get home.

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